All about the Arabian Oud Beard Oil and balm

All about the Arabian Oud Beard Oil and balm


The Arabeard Arabian Oud Beard Oil and balm is our signature product, and is as exotic as it is rare. It is made nowhere else on earth. We can proudly and confidently say that we make the best Arabian Oud Beard Oil in the world. After a great deal of effort, we have finally come up with a recipe that makes this product unique. It has quickly moved to the top of our list, and has become our best selling product.


Oud, or agarwood, is formed in the wood of trees called aquilaria trees, during the time they are infected with a mold. Before the infection, the wood of this tree has no odor and is light in color. But once the infection becomes larger, the tree produces a brownish and intensely aromatic resin, called agarwood or oud in response to the infection. This produces a brown resin within the wood of the tree. This resin within the wood is valued in numerous traditions and cultures across the globe. It has a unique fragrance found nowhere else on earth, and is generally for perfumes and incense.


The Arabian Oud Beard Oil contains pure Oud, which is referred to as the ‘Wood of God’, and is the most expensive and exotic essential oil in the world. Breathing in this scent is described as ‘Hitting the Heavens’. This long-lasting scent is pungent, intoxicating and pleasantly complex. In addition to its unique scent, Oud contains natural psychoactive and aphrodisiac properties which enhance mental awareness and positive energy, and instill inner peace. The scent lasts an average of eight hours, and will be complemented by anyone in close proximity to your beard. If you have not tried this beard oil before, we highly recommend trying it. We warn you that it can become addictive!


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