Mustache Wax User Manual

Mustache Wax User Manual


What is Mustache Wax?

Mustache wax is a beardcare product that focuses on provide a strong hold for your mustache. This is used to style the mustache and keep it over the upper lip. It is designed especially for the mustache, but can also be used as a stronger alternative to beard balm to keep any stubborn beard hairs under control.


What are the benefits of Mustache Wax?

Mustache wax can be an effective shaping and styling tool for your mustache. It can also be used to keep your mustache held over your upper lip. Some beard owners with thick beard hair use it to provide a maximum hold and control stubborn beard hair. A good mustache wax comes with several benefits for the mustache. For example, Arabeard Mustache Wax is composed of the optimal blend of premium quality, pure organic ingredients that work together to provide several benefits for your mustache:

– Works continuously throughout the day
– Provides a long-lasting firm hold to shape and style your mustache
– Polishes mustache hair and provides a matte finish
– Non-greasy ingredients that are quickly absorbed
– Provides a mild conditioning effect
– Softens hair texture and straightens out curly hair
– Can also be used to tame and control stubborn beard hairs


How do I use Mustache Wax?

Scrape off a very small amount with the back of your thumbnail or with the pointy end of a comb and place in between your fingers. Rub fingers together until the wax heats up and turns into a smooth oily paste. Gently massage into mustache and the skin underneath. Use a comb or brush to style the mustache as desired.


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