Arabian Oud Beard Balm

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Arabeard Arabian Oud Beard Balm contains pure Oud, which is referred to as the ‘Wood of God’, and is the most expensive and exotic essential oil in the world. Breathing in this scent is described as ‘Hitting the Heavens’. This long-lasting scent is pungent, intoxicating and pleasantly complex. In addition to its unique scent, Oud contains natural psychoactive and aphrodisiac properties which enhance mental awareness and positive energy, and instill inner peace. Our signature beard balm. Found nowhere else. Highly recommended.

This heavy duty beard balm has been designed to give you more control over your beard hair, and can be used as a ‘beard gel’ to shape and style your beard exactly the way you want. It will also continuously condition your beard throughout the day like a ‘leave in conditioner’. It is composed of the optimal blend of premium quality, pure organic ingredients that work together to provide a multitude of benefits for your beard:

– Works continuously throughout the day
– Stimulates beard hair growth
– Promotes richer, thicker hair, and covers empty skin patches
– Moisturizes and conditions dry beard hair
– Immediately eliminates beard dandruff and itchiness
– Revitalizes damaged beard hair and repairs split ends
– Nourishes beard hair with essential vitamins and minerals
– Softens hair texture and straightens out curly hair
– Provides a mild-to-firm hold to shape and style your beard
– Polishes beard hair and provides a matte finish
– Non-greasy ingredients that are quickly absorbed by the beard
– Gives your beard an addictively pleasant and long-lasting aroma

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil; Moroccan Argan Oil; Avocado Oil; Macadamia Oil; Sweet Almond Oil; Coconut Oil; Castor Oil; Pure Organic Beeswax; Unrefined African Shea Butter; Liquid Vitamins A, B, E; Plant Extracts of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree; Pure Organic Oud (Agarwood) Oil; Net wt. 2 oz (60 g). *All oils are virgin, cold-pressed and pure organic oils.

Directions: Scrape off a dime-sized amount with the back of your thumbnail and place in your palm. Rub palms together until it heats up and turns into a smooth oily paste. Gently massage into beard and the skin underneath. Use a comb or brush to distribute across the entire beard. The best time to use the beard balm is directly after a shower. Use after application of beard oil for maximum benefit. Container lasts up to two months with daily use.


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7 reviews for Arabian Oud Beard Balm

  1. arabeard

    fantastiskt! 🙂

  2. arabeard

    awesome smell Iove it

  3. arabeard

    This is my favorite at ARA BEARD

  4. arabeard

    I have heard about this from a friend and it certainly is a rare product. Love the scent and hold. Great quality balm here.

  5. arabeard

    great stuff here – keeps my beard hair in control – and the arabian oud smell is different from everything I tried before – beautiful

  6. arabeard

    exotic scent! I am addicted to it hehe!

  7. arabeard

    tq 4 dis <3 < 3

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