What are the benefits of using a wooden beard comb?

What are the benefits of using a wooden beard comb?


A wooden beard comb is an essential beardcare tool for any beard owner. It can be used to effectively untangle, shape and style beard hair. Another use for it is to evenly distribute beard oil or balm across all of the beard hair. Using a wooden beard comb has been scientifically proven to provide several health benefits for the beard. The feel of wood on your skin is great, since it does not produce any static like a plastic beard comb. As you move the comb across your beard hair, you are transferring the healthy natural oils and sebum from your hair roots across the hair shaft, coating each hair strand. This will provide essential nutrients to effectively to the entire hair strand. This also helps to increase the blood flow to the skin.


A good beard hair comb provides a multitude of benefits for the beard hair.  For example the Arabeard Wooden Pocket Beard Comb is handcarved from natural wood, and smoothly glides through your beard hair with no static. It is used for effectively untangling and styling your beard. An amazing thing about this comb is that the more you use it, the more beard oil it will absorb, giving it a shiny, polished finish. The wood will also absorb the scent of the beard oil and develop its own distinct scent, which becomes more intense every time you use it. An essential grooming tool for every beard owner.


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