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beard balm

What is Beard Balm, anyway?
Beard balm is also called beard butter, beard cream, and beard wax. It has all of the benefits beard oil has, but the difference is, rather than instantly penetrating the hair follicles and conditioning the beard, it will lock in moisture and condition the beard throughout the day, similar to a ”leave in conditioner”. It can also be used to give you more control over your beard hair, and can be used as a ‘beard gel’ to shape and style your beard exactly the way you want. The main beardcare product beard owners usually rely on is beard oil, but beard balm is also a great beardcare tool to use to shape and style your beard hair. Beard balm usually contains the same oils used to make beard oil, but contains additional ingredients. A butter such as shea butter is used to solidify and turn the oil into a paste, while a wax such as natural beeswax is used to lock in moisture and provide a hold on the beard hair. Beard balm can be used together with beard oil, or can be used as an alternative to it. Usually if your beard is less than three months old, you stick to beard oil. But if your beard is over three months old, you can either use beard oil and beard balm together, or use beard balm as an alternative to beard oil.

Why Use Beard Balm?
Other than beard oil, beard balm is considered one of the essentials any beard owner should use. It is a great beardcare tool to help keep your beard rich, conditioned, soft and pleasant-smelling. However, an additional benefit is that it can provide a good lasting hold on your beard hair, allowing you to shape and style it with more flexibility.

What are the main benefits of Beard Balm?
A good beard balm comes with a wide range of benefits for your beard. For example, Arabeard Beard Balm: Works continuously throughout the day – Stimulates beard hair growth – Promotes richer, thicker hair, and covers empty skin patches – Moisturizes and conditions dry beard hair – Immediately eliminates beard dandruff and itchiness – Revitalizes damaged beard hair and repairs split ends – Nourishes beard hair with essential vitamins and minerals – Softens hair texture and straightens out curly hair – Provides a mild-to-firm hold to shape and style your beard – Polishes beard hair and provides a matte finish – Non-greasy ingredients that are quickly absorbed by the beard – Gives your beard an addictively pleasant and long-lasting aroma

What is the best time to use Beard Balm?
The best time to use beard balm is after a shower, because at this time the skin pores are fully open and your beard is as clean as possible. Tower dry to leave your beard slightly damp before using the beard balm.

How often should I use the Beard Balm?
At a minimum, beard balm should be used once a day, after your morning shower. However, it can also be used more than once if required. For example, you can use it before you need to shape and style your beard for a day out, or if you want to smell pleasant before meeting someone special.

How do I use Beard Balm?
Using this simple procedure, you can never go wrong. Scrape off a dime-sized amount with the back of your thumbnail and place in your palm. Experiment to find out the best amount for you. Rub palms together until it heats up and turns into a smooth oily paste. Gently massage into beard and the skin underneath. Be sure to massage the skin under the beard thoroughly, since the beard balm needs to come in contact with the hair follicles in order to work with maximum benefit. Use a comb or brush to distribute the balm across all of your beard hairs. The balm will continuously condition and hydrate the beard hair throughout the day.

Can I use Beard Balm with Beard Oil?
Yes, you can use beard oil before or after beard balm for a stronger effect. Many professional beard owners do this to shape their beard and provide a good long-lasting hold.

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