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beard oil

What is Beard Oil, anyway?
Beard oil is essential for anyone who is looking to grow and maintain a good-looking, healthy beard. It is designed and engineered with the aim to keep the beard fully healthy. Anyone can grow a beard, but beard oil will transform your beard from average to awesome. Think of it as ”fuel for the beard”. It is composed of a concentrated blend of various natural oils that complement each other and work together to mimic the natural oils produced by the body that keep the hair healthy, such as sebum. Generally, beard oil contains a blend of two main types of oils: carrier oils and essential oils. Carrier oils are plant or nut based natural oils and come with a wide range of benefits for the beard hair. Essential oils are also derived directly from plants, and contain therapeutic and beneficial properties for the beard hair, as well as a pleasant scent. The main benefits of beard oil are that it stimulates beard hair growth, and keeps the beard rich, conditioned and soft. Another great benefit is that it can be used as a ”beard cologne” and make the beard smell great. It takes experience to formulate beard oil, as several oils must be blended together under specific settings, and several factors affect the quality of the final product, including temperature, infusion time, percentages of oils used, Carrier to Essential Oil ratio and the overall quality of oils. For example, it is useful to know about the optimal percentage of eicosenoic, oleic and linoleic acids to add to the beard oil for optimal benefit. It is also useful to know which oils are too greasy and would clog up pores and leave your beard oily (e.g. olive oil). Additionally, it is beneficial to practically determine the best trade-off between carrier oils and essential oils, in order to avoid a very mild smelling beard oil, while at the same time not overdoing and causing a very overpowering scented, skin irritating beard oil (essential oils are concentrated and are very powerful). Here at, we have performed hundreds of experiments over the years, and have tested our products on many beard owners. We have constantly refined our techniques, and have taken into account the smallest of details, in order to come up with the optimal beard oil. Our beard oil is blended to perfection, and is composed of the optimal blend of premium quality, pure organic ingredients that work together to provide a wide range of benefits for a fully healthy beard.

Why use Beard Oil?
Beard oil is a necessity if you want to keep your beard as healthy as possible. Just like your hair, your beard hair also needs constant care. Beard hair is thinner than your hair, and as a result it can become brittle and break easily, especially under harsh weather conditions, or if you wash your face everyday. Your beard would grow either way, but the difference is that when using beard oil your beard will be strong and rich, and not weak and brittle. Beard oil should be a daily routine for any beard owner in order to protect your beard from the elements and keep it in perfect condition. Another factor is that a scented beard oil will keep your beard smelling nice and peasant, which is useful if you are always around family or loved ones.

What are the main benefits of Beard Oil?
A good beard oil comes with a wide range of benefits for your beard hair and the skin underneath. For example, Arabeard Beard Oil: – Works immediately by actively penetrating the hair follicles – Stimulates beard hair growth – Promotes richer, thicker hair, and covers empty skin patches – Moisturizes and conditions dry beard hair – Immediately eliminates beard dandruff and itchiness – Revitalizes damaged beard hair and repairs split ends – Nourishes beard hair with essential vitamins and minerals – Softens hair texture and straightens out curly hair – Provides a light hold to control stray hairs – Polishes beard hair and provides a radiant shine – Non-greasy ingredients that are quickly absorbed by the beard – Gives your beard an addictively pleasant and long-lasting aroma

What is the best time to use Beard Oil?
The best time to use beard oil is after a shower, because at this time the skin pores are fully open and your beard is as clean as possible. Tower dry to leave your beard slightly damp before using the beard oil.

How often should I use Beard Oil?
At a minimum, beard oil should be used once a day, after your morning shower. However, it can also be used more than once if required. For example, you can use it before you need to groom your beard for a day out, or if you want to smell pleasant before meeting someone special.

How do I use Beard Oil?
Using this simple procedure, you will never go wrong. Simply use dropper to place dime-sized amount in your palm. It is always better to use a dropper for precise measurement (it is also easy to spill too much in your hands without one). The amount of beard oil you need depends on the length of your beard. Experiment and see what works best for you. But we use the following rule. For a beard less than three months old, use 4 to 5 drops. For a beard over three months old, use 5 to 10 drops. Beard oil is concentrated, so less is more. A small amoung goes a long way. Gently massage the oil into beard and the skin underneath. Be sure to massage the skin underneath the beard thoroughly, as the oil needs to come in contact with the hair follicles on the skin to provide benefit to the beard hair. Next, use a comb or brush to distribute the oil across all of your beard hairs. The skin should absorb the oil with an hour. You would need a standard 30 ml bottle every two to three months on average.

Can I use Beard Oil with Beard Balm?
Yes, you can use beard oil before or after beard balm for a stronger effect. Many beard owners with a longer beard use balm after applying the oil to shape their beard and provide a good long-lasting hold.

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