Vibrant Vanilla Beard Oil


Vibrant Vanilla Beard Oil has initial top notes of lively citrus, followed by base notes of rich sandalwood and vanilla. This blend has been described as intense, fiery and vibrant. Vanilla essential oil has been scientifically proven to calm your emotions, effectively uplifting your mood. Inhaling this distinct scent will instantly put you in a state of euphoria. It will hit your soul.


We have passionately engineered our beard oil to keep your beard feeling fresh and soft, looking epic, and smelling addictively pleasant. It is handcrafted using the optimal blend of quality, all-organic ingredients that work in unison to provide a plethora of magical benefits for your beard:

• Penetrates and stimulates hair follicles for increased beard growth
• Hydrates/conditions beard hair and skin for a softer texture
• Nourishes hair with essential vitamins and minerals to keep it strong
• Eliminates itchiness and beardruff, guaranteed
• Non-greasy ingredients mimic human oil and are quickly absorbed into skin
• Provides a light hold to style your beard and control stray hairs
• Polishes your beard and leaves a radiant shine
• Addictively pleasant and long-lasting scent
• Handbottled to order for optimal freshness


Ingredients: Jojoba Oil; Moroccan Argan Oil; Coconut Oil; Castor Oil; Liquid Vitamins A, B, E; Certified Organic Essential Oils of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Orange and Mandarin; Net wt. 1 fl oz (30 ml). *All oils are virgin, cold-pressed and pure organic oils.


Directions: Shake before use. Dispense a few drops in your hand. Rub hands together to heat up and activate the oils. Gently massage into beard and the skin underneath. Use a comb or brush to distribute oil across the entire beard. Apply once or twice daily after shower.


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