Our Story

We love beards, and have loved them since they started growing out of our faces. We started out making beard oils and balms for personal use, relatives and friends. The word quickly spread about the effectiveness of our handmade products, and the request for more by the local community increased exponentially. Soon after, Arabeard was born. We currently offer all of the essential tools required for a healthy beard on an international scale. We have sold thousands of beard oil bottles to fellow beardsmen in over 30 countries, and have created a community that is globally united by one concept – the beard.

Our Success

Our success is the result of endless experiments and effort throughout the years. But more importantly, we owe our success to the passion we put into making our products, and to your trust in us to equip you with premium quality beardcare products. It is not easy to grow a beard. We see many men quit growing what could some day be a superior beard because it is not allowed at work, because their spouse thinks its too scratchy, because it has patches and doesn’t grow evenly, because it is itchy and causes beardruff (dandruff in the beard skin), or because of many other poor excuses. We love to help you get through these obstacles. We also love to encourage our fellow beardsmen to grow their beards, maintain them, and keep them fresh and healthy. To us, this is success.

Our premium quality, unique products

We currently offer all of the essential tools required to grow and maintain a healthy beard: beard oil, beard balm, mustache wax, beard soap, and combs and brushes. Our products are made from only pure organic ingredients from reliable sources, and are handmade with passion. We put in the effort to engineer and constantly refine our products for premium quality and optimal effectiveness. Our products are unique, and stand out from the rest. For example, we make the best Arabian Oud beard oil and beard balm on the face of the earth. We are confident you will love what we have to offer, and that you will return for more to take your beard to the next level!

Our peace of mind policy

We use a peace of mind policy here at Arabeard. If there is anything wrong with our online system or with our products, contact us and we will do our best solve the problem, whatever it is. This is our promise to you. Our main aim is for you to enjoy the healthy benefits of using our beardcare products.

Beard on, bearded brothers. Welcome to Arabeard. Welcome home.