FAQs related to orders and shipping

We currently accept payments via PayPal, Credit Card or Bitcoin.

Once your order has been placed, we will send your package out for shipping within two days, and send a tracking number to your email so that you can track your package.

We will ship your package from one of our international storage facilities. FedEx International Priority Shipping requires about 2-5 days shipping time on average. We thank you and highly appreciate your patience during shipping time. For any further information on shipping, please contact us.

We always ensure your peace of mind here at Arabeard. Our main goal is to keep you happy with every order you make, and enjoy using our beardcare products. If the products sent to you are incorrect or damaged, or if you are unhappy with them in any way, then contact us within three days of receiving them, and we will replace them or send you a full refund for your payment wherever applicable. To date, all of our beardcare products have received nothing but positive feedback. But if you are unhappy with our products in any way, please inform us and we will gracefully try to resolve any issues immediately.

Absolutely. Please contact us for more information on this, and if you satisfy the criteria to become a reseller we will provide you with our wholesale prices.

FAQs related to Arabeard products

We offer all of the beardcare tools necessary to grow and maintain an epic-looking and perfectly healthy beard. The current Arabeard product collection includes beard oil, beard balm, and beard soap. Our products are all handcrafted by us, and nothing is outsourced. They are the result of endless experiments on beardsmen throughout the years. They are engineered and constantly refined for premium quality and optimal effectiveness. They are composed of pure organic ingredients which work together to keep your beard as happy as possible. Based on feedback from fellow beardsmen who tried our products, we can guarantee that you will love our products. We have become the permanent beardcare product supplier for many bearded brothers on a global scale. You too are invited to join our family.

Briefly, Arabeard Beard Oil is everything your beard has been demanding. Our beard oil is composed of premium quality, pure organic ingredients that are blended together using a specialized technique. It is engineered specifically to help you grow and maintain an epic-looking and fully healthy beard. It works immediately by actively penetrating the hair follicles. For the complete list of benefits, please check out the product descriptions of our Arabeard Beard Oils.

Arabeard Beard Balm includes all of the ingredients in the Arabeard Beard Oil, along with additional ingredients that give it a dense, solid texture. It is hard, and is scraped off with the back of your thumbnail, but turns into a smooth oily paste once it is heated up in your hands. It will provide all of the benefits the beard oil does, but rather than working immediately like beard oil, it will continuously condition your beard throughout the day like a ‘leave in conditioner’. An advantage it has over beard oil is that it has more control over your beard hair and can be used as a ‘beard gel’ to shape and style your beard exactly the way you want. It is typically used on beards over three months old, and can be applied together after beard oil, or as an alternative to it. For the complete list of benefits, please check out the product descriptions of our Arabeard Beard Balms.

Arabeard Beard soap is designed specifically to cleanse your beard without stripping your body’s natural oils. It is all you need to keep your beard fresh and clean from shower to shower. It is made from pure organic ingredients that work together to cleanse, moisturize and condition your beard, keeping it nice and soft. It can also be used on your hair and entire body as well. For the complete list of benefits, please check out the product description of our Arabeard Beard Soap.

We do not use any artificial or chemical ingredients in any of our products. We only use organic ingredients from reliable and sustainable sources whenever possible.

Our products generally do not cause any side affects, since they are made from all-organic ingredients. However, be sure to check if you are allergic or tend to have skin reactions to any of our ingredients before application. If you are unsure, simply rub the product on a small area of skin on your arm to test for a skin reaction before using on your face. Allergies and skin reactions are rare, and this depends entirely on your skin type.

Yes! All of our products are 100% vegan, and are all derived from natural organic substances such as plants, herbs and nuts. In other words we make vegan beard oil and vegan beard balm.

Beard oil: lasts about two to three months with daily use.

Beard balm: lasts about two months with daily use.

Beard soap: lasts about a month with daily use if left to dry properly from shower to shower (use a soap dish or hang to dry immediately after use).

Please note that our products do not have an expiration date because they are all composed of all-organic ingredients. However, oil starts to go rancid after about two years, so it is recommended to use a product before this duration.

You will not grow a forest of hair on your face overnight, that is for sure. Although our products contain a multi-oil blend that is designed specifically to stimulate as much beard hair growth as possible, the fact is that actual beard hair growth greatly depends on other primary factors. The primary factors that determine beard hair growth are genetics, nutrition, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.